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Badger Mountain Vineyard, founded by Bill Powers in 1982, is the first wine grape vineyard to be USDA Certified Organic in Washington State. We earned certification in 1990, three years after Bill committed himself to organic viticulture and wine production. His vision began with our responsibility to the environment and extends to producing a completely natural product under our Badger Mountain Vineyard label.

Now, almost 30 years later, we use only organically approved and natural occurring substances for all vineyard applications. This means that like the growers of centuries past, we use no synthetic treatments of any kind. We rely on our years of experience, and on techniques that we have developed to keep our vineyard site in balance. We ensure each bottle includes an ingredients list along with Gluten-free and Vegan declarations, so that customers can be assured and informed about the products they choose. 

As THE standard for USDA certified organic wine from Washington State, we are proud to continue Bill Powers’ legacy. There is no better team to continue the legacy like our vineyard and production team. With over 30 years at Badger Mountain, Vineyard Manager, Ines Duenas brings forth years of experience and wisdom needed to continuously manage a healthy vineyard and successful growing season. Ines, along with our Soil & Vineyard Scientist, Dr. Liz Gillispie, work closely with our diverse grower partners to form complex and clean wines with great character and depth - all without additives or preservatives of any kind!

As a continuation of our organic commitment, we have adopted and developed greener energy alternatives wherever possible. Solar panels help to power the winery, and bio-diesel is made on-site for use in farm equipment. Our bottles are locally produced, lightweight glass, and our labels are made from recycled paper and ink.

We believe in using both tradition and technology to produce compelling organic wines. We believe that our stewardship in the vineyard, in the winery, and in the community is rewarded with better wines. We will continue to be an example for the industry and apply sustainable practices wherever possible.  

Natural Passion, Responsible Farming, Pure Wine.

“I am the luckiest guy in the world because I get up, walk out the door and get to do what I love everyday.”
-Bill Powers
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Film Title: Grow Your Farmer           Director(s): Jeremy Abraham and Lindsey Schiffel          Produced by: New Course Films

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