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“I am the luckiest guy in the world because I get up, walk out the door and get to do what I love everyday.”
Bill Powers – upon receiving the lifetime achievement award from the Washington Association of grape growers.

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Using a palette of diverse organic grapes, winemaker Jose Mendoza creates a wide array of classic varietal wines with no sulfites added. Jose's imaginative blends result in fresh and provocative wines ~ each with a distinct heady balance of fruit, floral, spice, and earth. Each of our NSA wines carries the USDA Organic logo and, per federal regulations, contains less than 10 parts per million sulfites. Below is information about our organic NSA current releases.

Please note: With only low levels of naturally occurring sulfites, Badger Mountain Vineyard NSA
wines should be stored upright and enjoyed immediately after opening. Additional information can be found under Organic FAQ.

The prices shown are Tasting Room retail prices.


2016 NSA Riesling       $15.00 | Purchase
This wine boasts a layered fragrance of pineapple, lemon, tropical fruits, along with a slight touch of mineral on the nose.  These enticing aromas lead into a wine that is balanced with zesty acidity and a nice explosion of bright fruit flavors... >>

2015 NSA Chardonnay       $15.00 | Purchase
Bright layered aromas of pear, hints of crisp melons and citrus stand out on the nose of this organic Chardonnay. The palate explodes with a great diversity of flavors...>>

2014 NSA Pinot Noir         $18.00 | Purchase

Showing layered aromatics of dark concentrated rich black fruits with a nice integrated meatiness on the nose. The concentrated flavors give way on the palate to blackberry, dark black cherry, and ripe black currant...>>

2015 NSA Merlot                 $18.00 | Purchase
Bright aromas of Marion berries, Bing cherries, currant, and a touch of vanilla Crème Brulee on the nose lead into a nice richness on the palate.   Fresh fruit notes and youthful flavors of blackberries, pomegranate, and cocoa
... >>

2015 NSA Cabernet Sauvignon       $18.00 | Purchase
This Organic Cabernet Sauvignon boasts great aromatics of dark rich black fruits, black cherry, and a hint of spice on the nose that leads into a nice richness and balance on the palate.  From its bright and youthful flavors of ...>>

2015 Pure White, 3L Box      $22.00 | Purchase
Bright ripe fruit aromas of Ataulfo mango, Asian pear, and peach blossom are followed with hints of ginger and wet slate on the nose.   The fruit character carries through to the palate with starfruit, apple...>>

2015 Pure Red, 3L Box      $26.00 | Purchase
Opens with great aromatics of mountain blackberry and currant, with a hint of dark chocolate and earthiness on the nose, this wine explodes with intense flavors on the palate.  From complex fruits ranging from...>>


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